Book List

Below is an ongoing list of books that I have either read or am currently reading that I have found very useful.

Atomic Habits-James Clear

I Will Teach You To Be Rich-Ramit Sethi

Tim Ferris:
-The Four Hour Workweek
-Tools of Titans
-A Tribe of Mentors


Anything You Want-Derek Sivers

C.S. Lewis:
-The Four Loves
-Mere Christianity
-The Screwtape Letters
-The Great Divorce

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith-R.C. Sproul

Church History in Plain Language-Bruce Shelly

Hal Koehner’s Field Guide to Ultra Running

A Sand County Almanac-Aldo Leopold

The Art of Learning-Joshua Waitzkin

A Dream About Lightning Bugs-Ben Folds

Manhood-Terry Crews