5 Reasons Transitioning Teachers are Disrupting the Workforce

“If you can get any group of people, at any age, on task and moving in the same direction, then you are ready for the professional world.”

It was windy and cold the night that I called my friend Dan. He and I both majored in music in college together and had since drifted apart. 

Dan, a former band director, was now working his way up the ranks in the steel industry while, at the same time, I was returning to the classroom after being a stay at home dad for a year.

That conversation left me with the realization that teachers are the ones who are going to disrupt the professional world, and here are my five reasons why:

1.People Management

Teachers of every subject are responsible for maintaining order in their classroom while having students complete tasks that are done efficiently and on time. This is crucial to any growing workforce in need of teamwork and project management.

2.Relationship Building

The most skilled teachers are the ones who foster positive relationships with their students. We all have that one teacher who made a positive impact on our life. So just imagine if that same person was in a role that was focused on building positive relationships on behalf of a company.

3.Data Management

Teachers are responsible for tracking student progress across a wide variety of mediums. With how quickly Ed Tech is growing, people who can interpret, manage, and translate educational data are an asset to any organization.

4. Time Management

Teachers are responsible for managing lesson times well, meeting deadlines, and ensuring efficient use of learning time. This can be applied across the board in any professional situation

5. Compassion

Sometimes the most overlooked attribute. But most teachers enter the profession because they have a love of seeing people grow and succeed. These same people are now entering the corporate world and are able to apply their compassion just as effectively.

I will always remember that cold December night as the beginning of my journey into the professional world and realizing how powerful of a skillset I’d earned by being an educator.

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