Hello everyone!

I have a few really fantastic announcements regarding The Modern Working Musician. We’ll be back with our regular interview series later this week.

First, I will be in Nashville the weekend of June 3rd!

I have been afforded the fantastic opportunity to go to a limited person workshop with the one and only Aaron Sterling. He’s currently on tour with John Mayer. He is also a session musician producer and is absolutely incredibly.

I have decided to take the podcast on the road with me that weekend so if you are interested in an interview and you live in Nashville, I’d love to talk to you!

That being said, I am raising funds to help supplement the cost of this adventure and to provide more educational content to you all.

Ill be doing a limited run of Stickers ($5), Shirts ($20, includes sticker), and hoodies ($40, includes sticker).

These can be purchased through the apps: Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp. Just message me for details. I’ll take orders through June 5th and they’ll be shipped out as soon as the bulk order comes in.

Likewise, I’ll be offering low cost ad time to any band, project, or small business looking to promote what you have going on. You can message me or send an email at for more info.

Now, some things to consider moving forward with the podcast…

I’ve had two big things I’ve been mulling over here recently in terms of the podcast, but the main goal is and should be “education above all else.”

With that in mind, episodes in the future will be a little less censored than they were before. That doesn’t mean that the conversation will dive in to impropriety, but I have interviewed some profoundly intelligent guest and seen some truly educational points be hindered by my guest second guessing their language before they speak. So, there will be a disclaimer for those episodes with language. But the educational value needs to remain the primary goal.

Secondly, in this same vein, I’ve had a few people reach out to me about what I am looking for in guests on this podcast.

I would very much like to keep this podcast educational first, promotional second. There is bound to be some inevitable overlap, and I love promoting and supporting musicians as much as possible, but the main focus of each episode is the quest to find creative ways to make a career in this field. That being said, if you are interested in doing an episode, please feel free to reach out to me even if you are unsure!

So, in summation, June 3rd-Nashville trip; buy some Merch or ad time if you want; please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thanks so much you guys and look forward to Josh Stevens later this week!

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