Oakwalker Has Me Longing for Autumn With Their Fantastic Debut Single “Hour by Day”

I’m in the woods. A fog rolls over as I pull my hood up and press a warm cup of campfire-brewed coffee to my lips. The chill of fall brings peace to my soul. Except one thing, none of this is true. In truth I was just listening to the debut single “Hour by Day” by Oakwalker.

The tune starts simple. Bright, strummed acoustic guitar with a bit of room, followed by strings panned right and egg shaker that leads into the first verse.

The lead vocalist, Victoria Dowdy, has a voice that is…haunting. It calls upon all of the classic Americana vocalists while remaining in itself, truly unique. I met Dowdy at a tribute to The Band last November, and since then I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear her voice in a fully fleshed out project. Now I’ve finally gotten my wish.

The tune speaks of how complicated things like relationships can be, and how quickly things move in life and love. The music is a stunning and accurate portrayal of this idea.

The string work and vocals are both truly amazing. If there’s one thing I’d love to hear more of, it would be each of them getting a little more individual space from phrase to phrase.

While this is their debut single, I am an instant fan and expect a fantastic trajectory from this group.

“Hour by Day” by Oakwalker is available on all streaming platforms on Monday, August 10th.

You can find them on all platforms @oakwalkermusic

Also at oakwalker.bandcamp.com

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