01.06.2020-Back At It

Morning Musings

Coming back to work after a long break is always a chance to reflect. How did I do things before and how can I do better this time?

I took a semi-intentional break from writing over the break as well. I feel like in the never ending search for optimization, it is occasionally healthy to break all of ones habits simultaneously to see what is and is not necessary.

The period gave me time to reflect. Time to see what was and wasn’t valuable to me.

I learned that those who are dear to me are one of my highest values and I would trade most things for that.

I took a break from running, to heal my knees and see what I did and didn’t miss about training.

I took a break from music. Or the grind of music. Any music making that happened over the break was for pure enjoyment.

And I think I’m getting to the root of all of it when I say, we need to find what truly brings the deepest joy and focus on those things.

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