12.02.19-Dare to be Weird

Morning Musings:

Back at it after some much needed time away. And here’s what I’ve been thinking about the most.

Dare to be weird.

When we think about people who are successful in their field, we rarely think about the amount of time and energy they’ve put into their craft.

Upon further examination we usually find sleepless nights, borderline neurotic behavior, among other attributes.

There’s the age old tale of Michael Jordan shooting 100 free throws every day.

As with music, running, and pretty much all of my other shenanigans I’ve found this to be true: true success doesn’t look cool.

Practicing, failing, honing skills and focusing on the micro that leads to the macro are not glamorous things. It is impossible to look cool or graceful while doing them.

So let’s dare to be weird. Let’s be okay with looking ridiculous if that means it will pay off in the end.


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