11.22.19-On Musicianship and Artistry

Morning Musings

I almost forgot to write today! Oops. Oh well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately. The music I make, how we judge what music we like and don’t like. How heated the debates over what good and bad music is.


Over the years I was one of these people. There was music I vehemently defended and other styles I said bad things about. But now my viewpoint has shifted.

Honesty. That’s what I value in art these days. People who are expressing themselves the best way possible. Without any facade or gimmicks.

But it’s a weird line to draw. As musicians I think we’re called to be as technically proficient as possible so we can open ourselves up to being as honest an eloquent as possible.

Much like writing, the more broad the vocabulary, the more eloquent and descriptive you can be.

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