11.18.19-When It Doesn’t Seem to Matter

Morning Musings

There are days where it seems worthless. There are days where getting out of bed seems futile at best. There are days where none of it seems to matter in the long run. Why try? Why persist?

But these days don’t define us. They are not who we are. Those days, more than most are the days we must persist. Because that, in and of itself is a victory.

To keep going in the face of adversity is one thing. To persist in the face of complacency is another.

I would argue that pointlessness is just as, if not more of a discouragement that adversity. At least with adversity we can see our enemy.

With the other, we are constantly hurly into the void, not knowing if and when anything will arrive.

But we must persist, we must keep going, because we are building ourselves up for something more.

Happy Monday. Let’s put in some work and achieve our goals, even on the days when they don’t seem to matter.

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