11.17.19-You Gotta Heal

Morning Musings

I’m running, failure is inevitable.

Yesterday was one of those days. Up early. Prepped and ready for a great run. I was set to do another 21 miles, but my knees had other plans.

I pushed it so hard the week before that my knees started to give out on mile five. By mile eight I was toast.

So what did I do? I stopped. Right in my tracks, and I walked home.

I’m running, and in life, failure is inevitable. Sometimes pushing forward is the worst possible thing because it can lead to more problems down the road.

When things are broken we must fix them, or give them time to heal.

I think that’s what makes running such a beautiful sport. Because, in the end we start running with the full knowledge that there will be set backs. But we know that it is all part of it.

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