11.14.19-A Single Moment of Fear

Morning Musings

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve paused before writing. To me, this exercise is great because it forces me, in whatever fashion, to be creative at least once a day.

Sometimes the pause comes from lack of thought, or sometimes too many thoughts, sometimes it comes out of fear.

I almost always wait until the end of my writing to come up with the title, but this time it was right here.

If I’ve learned anything about making things and putting them into the world, it is that fear is the biggest creativity killer, and most often it is a singular moment.

If we can inch our way over that one hurdle, then fear dissipates. It is gone.

What potential do we have lying beyond that single moment of fear? What if, in consciously acknowledging it as a single moment, we can end up conquering it?

What if our perpetual doubts about are work were all just, in themselves, single moments of fear to be overcome?

What are our points of doubt and how do we overcome them?


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