11.11.19-On Letting Spite Control Your Actions

Morning Musings:

My love for drumming has been reinvigorated lately.

Honestly, I laid off drumming for a while mainly out of spite.

I felt a need to do everything by myself and for the longest time I felt like drumming meant I had to rely on people. Which was foolish to say the least.

I got so in my head about being views as a “drummer” and not a “musician” that I was filled with disdain for the instrument that started my career.

Long story short, don’t let what your perceived notion of what others might think be your creative force. That way lies madness.

My guiding mantra this week has simply been this:

“Not doing the right thing out of spite is no different than doing the wrong thing out of spite.”

Find the thing you enjoy and quit worrying about what boxes others may put you in. You are in charge of that.

Happy Monday

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