11.05.19-Building Community Online and In Real Life

Morning Musings

Yesterday was an amazing day. I learned how to conquer the many things I enjoy a little bit at a time.

I used to make things for the sole purpose of putting them on the internet. Now I’ve found that there are ways to build community on here that are very powerful. And I think that’s where success lies.

It is very easy to see the evil in the internet. To see the distraction and negativity. But it’s also easy to filter a lot of it out and build strong relationships with people. The more I try to do the latter the easier it seems.

If we focus on building relationships with people, with building community, with sharing knowledge and helping people. Whether it’s in person or online these are both very great things.

It only takes a little effort to be helpful online or in real life. What small things can we do for each other that will lead to better relationships?

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