11.04.19-I’m Done Playing Live Music…For Now.

I love live music, I love the local scene, I love all of my brothers and sisters who are out there working their butts off to make something special in this musical community and this is absolutely not a dig on them.

I’ve been in a bit of a rebirth period with my art for the past little while. And part of that rebirth is about throwing things out there and seeing what works, what doesn’t work and, most importantly, what is fun and not fun.

If you rewind back to two years ago, I was living in Memphis, gigging nearly every weekend, and headed towards one of the biggest burnouts of my life. I said yes to nearly everything that came my way in hopes that it would lead to something bigger. These days, not only am I not cut out for that, I value my time much more than I did in those days. I also see the flaw in my worldview on building a career out of making music.

You see, I (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) used to view everything I did in music, whether it was a show, a song, or any other piece of content as pulling the lever on a slot machine. All I ever thought was that each show, or song, or youtube video could be the one thing that lead to the big thing. But the flaw in that logic is not only is it unrealistic, but it sets one up for tremendous disappointment over and over again.

In truth, whether it’s with youtube videos, instagram, or even playing live, these are all micro-investments in a bigger future, and they need to be weighed as such.

Each of these expends a certain amount of time and effort that needs to be weighed against the long term outcome.

For me, the amount of effort required to play the live shows I’m playing, at this point, does not meet the possible long term yield that they could provide.

Also, and this might be the most important one, at this point the fun factor is missing. Lately the live shows I’ve played have felt almost haphazard to a point where they almost feel like a chore. And that is most specifically on my end because my heart hasn’t really been in them.

So where to go from here? Honestly, I just need to get more things together; focus on this internet thing for a while because, from what I’ve seen, that is a huge factor in what shows end up being played. Once that is done I’ll be revisiting playing live music with a renewed energy and better preparation.

In summation, if you’re one of those bands that loves playing live, please keep doing it. Don’t just stop because some bearded guy is taking a break. Live music is wonderful and necessary and honestly I’m taking a break so I can do it better justice.

Until then, this website is the easiest place to stay up to date on all of my shenanigans.


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