10.31.19-What Should We Do?

Morning Musings:

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been mulling over the future lately. I feel like with my generation 30 seems to be the ultimate “get it together” moment.

It’s the now or never moment.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in songwriting, drumming, guitar playing, producing, writing, and a myriad of other shenanigans which is making 30 look pretty daunting.

How do you know what to go for if you do so many things? How do you dive headlong into one thing?

This has caused me to reflect a lot on my twenties and I realized that the majority of my work has been spent trying to prove that I could do things. My internal monologue for the longest time was spent pursuing things I was considered poor at or pursuing the exact opposite of the things I was told I was good at. What a spiteful existence!

But as I near the first big milestone of life I’m learning to do things for the good of doing them. To do something out of spite is inherently selfish, no matter how productive. So in the grand scheme of “What should I do?” I think the best compass would be doing the most good for the most people with the most passion.

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