10.28.19-On Rituals In The Midst of Discontinuity

Morning Musings:

The cool weather creeps in as fall will soon give way to winter. The trudge. The lack of daylight, the cold.

I used to hate winter. To me winter signified some of the darkest parts of my mind. The dark, the cold. These are the opposites of the things I love. I love being outside, I love adventuring, the dark and cold do not make that so easy.

The past few weeks have been rocky schedule wise, a few late nights have given way to later mornings which makes someone like me feel of kilter. That being said we can still cling to those rituals that give us center.

A long run. A morning read. I’ve learned that finding a way to accomplish these things in the midst of a crazy schedule allows the off hours to be much more productive.

What rituals can we make our center that allow us to persevere?

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