10.23.19-The Wild West of Creativity

Morning Musings:

We live in the wild west of creativity. The rules, if any are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. When your work and how it reaches the world seems to be ever changing, how can we implement any sort of strategy?

I’ve stressed for a while, I mean years, on how to best market my work. I’ve read books, listened to podcasts, talked with professionals and I’ve learned one very important thing: no one really has any idea and it’s all just a best guess.

Sounds pretty hopeless doesn’t it? But allow me to put forth a possibility. The one rule that I have found above all else that I have found is consistency. We live in a world where if you enjoy something and stay consistent with it, the odds are now more in your favor than ever that it will work out.

Is this a sure thing? Of course not. But instead of getting all wrapped up in the latest market trend, what if we just found something we enjoyed and stuck with it?

I could offer countless examples of people who have just simply stuck with the same method over time to have it turn out for the better.

It’s time to stop chasing the trend and start pursuing honesty and consistency.

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