10.22.19-Power in Not Being the Best

Morning Musings

I love running. If any single activity has made me more positive and productive over the past few years, it has been running.

There’s a certain mindset one gains from toiling over endless repetition in the outdoors. And an unmatched joy of personal victory that comes from reaching a milestone.

But thats the simple beauty of it, almost all of the victories are personal. I will never be the fastest man in the world, I never intend to run farther than the farthest runner. The beauty and the power is in the work.

There is a certain power in not being the best overall, because if you can get up everyday to push yourself for yourself, every other obstacle may just be that much easier.

So run, lift, play music, make art, and relish in the power of personal victory and may it make all of the other hurdles that much smaller.

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