10.11.19-Honesty In Art

Morning Musings:

Honesty in art.

I’ve been struggling for the past year on the music I’ve been making.

Somewhere, somehow I picture a phantom critique who picks apart everything I do and who will ultimately be my undoing.

But it’s only in that vulnerable place that we can make art that is truly significant. I think, better yet I am sure, that is the reason so many people stray away from art. To let your soul be seen on that level is risky at best, soul crushing at worst.

So what steps can we take to be honest? Can we start small or dive head first into the deep end? How do we practice this method of vulnerability?

This blog has helped me in this facet. It is my daily dose of honest art. Whatever happens, as soon as I’m done writing this will exist into the world. And, little by little, hopefully my imperfect honesty will make its way into the world.

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