10.10.19-“On the Value of Attention”

Morning Musings:

Podcast recommendation:

On the value of attention.

Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention (#387)

How often are we truly present? How often are our minds and bodies in two different places?

We are in uncharted territory. We live in a world that moves at the speed of our attention span. It is so easy to let distraction overwhelm us.

Tristan Harris raises some valuable questions and his words ring very true. “What if we valued the human attention economy like we do the environment?” “What if a company’s attention footprint was just as important as its carbon footprint?”

I’m not here to rant on the woes and habits of technology and a generation. I’m here to raise a question. What if our attention was a nonrenewable resource? How would we spend it? What ways could we use technology to our benefit instead of our detriment? What if there was no one but us to solve these problems?



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