10.08.19-“What does it mean to be seen?”

Morning Musings:

What does it mean to be seen?

Pardon the rhyme. I couldn’t help myself.

These daily writing exercises have been a quest for me. A quest to open myself up to the world in a way that I never have before. And it’s been complicated.

There are days where I want to hide behind my own scrutiny. There are days when I think there is zero point because I think no one is going to read this.

But conquering both of these thoughts is the goal. I think we’re meant to express ourselves, and I think exercising our thoughts is necessary.

What does it mean to be seen?

I think it means not hiding behind your own scrutiny. Not hiding behind a persona you’ve created. Letting your guard down in order to build something up. We can’t truly grow without some sort of vulnerability, so let’s exercise that notion daily.


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