10.04.19-On The Power of Writing

Morning Musings:

Write. It is a gift.

It’s been about a week since I started cataloging my thoughts. Some days have been easy. Other days, like today have me staring at an open tab, curious to see what will happen.

Honestly, this is my third draft. The first was too lengthy, the second, too pointed.

But I started this experiment to build not one, but two habits. The first, to steadily write, and the second, to exercise vulnerability.

And both of these are the overarching musing of today.


Write poorly. Write well. The only way to do either is to write often.

To read and write are a super power. They are a gift that has given us the greatness of human history. Write to celebrate our past and help forge the future.

Writing is a skill, it needs to be refined, practiced like a musical instrument. If anything has soothed my aching head over the past few weeks it’s the notion of getting my thoughts on the page and learning how to be vulnerable with the world.

Write like your life depends on it.

Join me in building the habit of being prepared to be wrong.

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