10.03.19- “Four Minutes”

Morning Musings:

“Four Minutes”

This will start with a book suggestion. “Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers is a short, fantastic read.

At one point, Derek shares a small anecdote about his morning bike ride.

He discusses how, each day, he would huff and puff and hurry to the end of his route. One day he decided to take the steam off. Easing his way through his route, he took time to enjoy the scenery, experience the environment, and enjoy himself throughout his ride. At the end of his majestic journey he looked down to see how much longer it had taken him…four minutes.

Derek had spent his entire time as a bike rider with such intensity that, little did he realize, it was only saving him four minutes.

Fast forward to this morning. I always attack my morning routine as if every minute counts before I walk out the door. But today I took note of Derek’s experience and took my time, eased off, and enjoyed the morning. I literally walked out the door at the same exact time that I usually do.

What other parts of our lives can we simply apply the “four minutes” approach to?

Would it not be easier to exercise more consistently if we didn’t work out like we need to lose or gain twenty to thirty pounds by tomorrow? Wouldn’t be easier to conquer that marathon if we didn’t treat every day like race day?


Find something that you usually rush through, your workout, your commute, and treat it like a journey. Try to notice something new that you did not notice before. Sometimes four minutes can be the difference between burnout and a life changing way of thinking.

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