10.02.19-“Shame, shame, shame”

Morning Musings:

“Shame, shame, shame”

I’ve been listening to Brene Brown’s lecture titled “The Power of Vulnerability” and it is rocking my world.

There are many parts of her work that are profound, but here’s a slight bit of one that has been hanging in my mind.

This is not an exact quote:

“In over fifty years of research, there is not one drop of evidence that shows that shaming someone leads to a change in their behavior. Guilt, on the other hand has an inverse affect.  The difference between shame and guilt is that shame is based on the person, while guilt is based on their behavior.”

How many of us consider ourselves lazy, unfocused, out of shape, bad at (insert most creative skills). What if we separated our actions from our identity? What good may come from it?

How can you speak to yourself today in language that is productive? How can we change our talk from “I am so stupid, worthless, lazy.” to “That was a bad thing to do, but it’s not who I am.”?

Let’s take note of our inner monologue today and see what tiny changes can be made to be more productive.

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