Morning Musings:

You are more than your “to do” list.

Our culture has so refined the idea of getting things done that our identities are wrapped up in it.

We revel in the misery. “Busy” has become a brag. We wear exhaustion like a badge of honor.

I am among the worst of these. I have learned throughout the past few months that I am  either thinking about the next thing, working on the next thing, or beating myself up for not doing either of the two.

But the cycle has to stop. We can’t constantly live our lives like failure is the worst thing possible. We can’t live like notoriety is currency. We are worth more than that.

I’ve spent so many hours and days aching over how to create art that matters that I failed to see the point. The art that matters is what matters to me.

Homework assignment:

Pick one thing on your “to do” list and don’t do it.

If that’s too scary for you, just hypothesize. What is the worst case scenario if it doesn’t get done?

Sometimes it truly is a necessity, and sometimes it’s something that is unnecessarily stressing us out.

May we find the wisdom to discern between the two.

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