Morning Musings:

I’ve learned that one of the main tenants of the culture I exist in is the fear of being seen as a quitter. Sometimes quitting can be the best thing, the most conducive thing, even the thing that saves our lives.

It’s so easy to live in a world of routine. The old adage of “the devil you know…” rings in my ears as I write this. We crave safety over possibility, which is understandable to a point. But how long before certainty becomes an illusion as well?

“What if?” should be the mantra for today.

What if it all went right? What if taking that one chance is the thing you needed to set the rest of your life up for success?

What if it went wrong? What is the absolute worst that could happen, and is the worst case scenario really that bad?

This question may lead us to realize what amazing changes can happen if we just let go of certain things. If we quit feeling the social pressure of feeling like a quitter, who knows what good can come from it?

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