Artillery Kids feat.Austyn Michael: One In The Same

Artillery Kids feat.Austyn Michael: One In The Same
This song was written a while back and got shelved because I wasn’t sure when and how I wanted to release it. But I feel now is as important a time as ever. Being a middle class white person from the suburbs, I never realized that I did have hard time seeing things from other points of view. That was until I started working at Bethel Grove. The three years that I spent teaching and working with young people in a black community in the city was probably the most eye opening and valuable thing I’ve ever done in my life. It taught me that, above all else, sometimes it is impossible to see things from another’s perspective so it’s best to sit back and listen to what they have to say. That there are real problems that need concrete solutions. That yes, Black Lives Matter.
Thanks so much to my dear friend and one of my favorite rappers, Austyn Michael for lending his lyrical genius on one of the coolest collaborations I’ve ever gotten to do.

Do What You Want: A Creative Philosophy

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I’m posting a podcast after missing a week.┬áIn a world where content is king, this sounds like a damnable offense. But I’m not going to let it get me down.

Being a musician in the age of the internet is daunting and, dare I say, ridiculous. There are so many avenues to pursue, and the fear of missing out is crushing. Long story short, it’s not enough to just make art anymore.

Most musicians I know are wearing themselves so thin trying to find the new social media strategies that are hitting, what new platforms exist, and how to reach a wider audience.

I was the worst of these. Every week I felt the weight of the world in my phone. I was constantly feeling like an outsider while smarter, more successful people were building the careers of their dreams.

But then it struck me. After countless interviews with dear friends, colleagues, artists, and business owners I found the two elements that made all of these things possible: honesty and consistency.

If you look at so many of the great faces of content creation, these are the two things that shine through the most often. They’re honest about who they are as people and what they want to present to the world, and they just do it, over and over again.

Sure there are ways to make it easier and more attractive, but a lot of these strategies move so quickly that it’s just a matter of trend chasing.

So I’ve found what I want to do, a podcast that brings people together via music and educates the world about that and, hopefully a lot more. So as long as I keep doing that, my “engagement metrics” matter a lot less, well to me anyway. Because this art, this content, is something that I would do no matter what.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever made something that doesn’t feel like it needs to be a job or a hustle to be important. Which spares me the existential nosedive when I miss a week here or there of publishing content.

So maybe that’s the lesson. Honesty, consistency, and just do what you want first.