Keegan Paluso is a people oriented leader who is using his skills as an educator and musician to further his professional goals.

As a Music Educator, Keegan has taught every grade level and social demographic in Western Tennessee. He has also used his management skills to direct over 150 individuals at a time, hire and terminate eomployees, collaborate and plan both small and large scale projects, and foster positive relationships both within the workforce and the community.

Keegan has also used his ability as a fast learner to be active in nearly every aspect of the music industry. Using his technology skills he has served as a music producer, website builder, promoter, marketing engineer, and sales person. He also has frequent experience with cold contacting venues, relationship building, and leveraging relationships into client success.

As a marketer Keegan has created multiple websites for himself and his programs. He also hosts a music education podcast where  over 95% of his guests became clients after doing an interview.

Keegan has experience with Salesforce and Hubspot and is actively pursuing a Salesforce Administrator Certification.

He has completed the Full-Stack Web Development Course through M1M0.

Keegan is fluent in Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, and WordPress. As well as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. Keegan also has over ten years of experience using Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro X.

Keegan has a Degree in Music Education with a Percussion Emphasis from the University of Tennessee-Martin where he was the recipient of the Jeremy Devault Memorial Percussion Scholarship.